How Stu McLaren Stayed Mellow During His $3.2 Million Launch
Stu McLaren
Founder of Tribe
Membership Site Expert 
Toronto, Canada
You might think that after starting the wildly-successful grandaddy of WordPress membership plugins, WishList Member co-founder Stu McLaren would step back, relax, and take it easy.
But that's not Stu's style...

After cashing in his shares at WishList Member, he started working privately with a bunch of clients to help them grow their membership sites. 
That road would eventually lead to a partnership with New York Times best-selling author Michael Hyatt.
Stu quickly worked his magic...
“We grew Michael's membership site from ZERO — he didn't even have one,” Stu said. 

“After the first week, we had 1,100 members. After the first year, we had 2,500. Second year we had 4,500. Third year we got up to 6,000. 

 "And halfway through the fourth year we had over 8,000 members — at $30 a month.”
Together they took Hyatt's business from a high 6-figure business (with lots of stress) to a high 7-figure business (with little-stress). 

His profitability soared, his email list grew from 70,000 to over 500,000, and he gained back over 100+ days with his family by not having to travel.

“So it was a really good growing, thriving business,” said Stu.
“And a lot of people started asking how we were doing that. Short story is I did a private work shop. Word spread and I did another workshop and another.”
That created the base content for what turned into a course called Tribe.”

Simplicity was key to the success of the launch.

Tribe did our first launch in August of 2016 with SamCart,” said Stu, “a $3.2 million dollar launch.

"We were going into this with a team that was brand spanking new to launches. So the pressure was on for me. The reality of it was that we were trying to eliminate as many friction points as possible.

"The reason we went with SamCart was simplicity. We wanted something we didn't have to worry about. And we wanted something that was quick and easy to set up so that we could spend our energy focusing on other areas.”
"We put SamCart to the test."
“We had a heck of a lot of transactions,” said Stu. “Thousands of transactions. Big dollar transactions. SamCart held up. 

"For us, that's the most important piece. Because in any big scale launch, the last thing you want to worry about is technology. 

"We want to be focusing on the few things that we do best where we can really amplify our strengths, and we just didn't want to have to worry about the tech side of things — and that's where SamCart came through.”

The Tribe launch was a huge success, by any standard.
But for Stu, it's about more than just the money...
In 2006, Stu and his wife, Amy, founded World Teacher Aid. 

A registered Canadian charity that for the past 8 years, been building schools in IDP camps throughout Kenya that are home to thousands of kids. 

“This work lights up my entrepreneurial soul. I quickly realized, the more money I make, the more impact I can have. 
That’s why I’m SO passionate about sharing this experience with other entrepreneurs who want more meaning from their work.”
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