How This "Rookie" Went From $2,242  to $10,172 Per Month Using SamCart
The first thing you need to know about Kimberly Ann Jimenez is that she is a certified DYNAMO.  

Almost a year before she even graduated college in 2013, BOOM — she landed a position as a Social Media/Marketing Director at Lift It: Moving and Storage. But one job wasn't enough for Kim. She soon branched out by becoming a Social Media Consultant and Coordinator at the Dovetail companies. During her first two years alone she worked with over 50 entrepreneurs running small to medium sized firms. She dug in deep and did all things social for just about every business you can imaging — from roofing companies and hot dog retailer to authors and real estate development companies. 

Kim always had a HUGE heart for helping small businesses succeed. In her role as Social Media Consultant at Prolifik SEO she worked on creating customer journeys for the agency's clients. She focused on helping them get results, track revenues and showed them how to be successful in addition to managing their actual platforms.
Kimberly Ann Jimenez
Digital Marketing Strategist & Creator of The Business Lounge. Owner at Kimberly Ann Jimenez. Atlanta, Georgia
Is it possible love your business too much?  
Although Kim totally totally loved her social media clients and was passionate about the work she was doing, it was exhausting. She was running ragged working 60 to 70 hours a week — ugh -- and was starting to feel burned out. Sound familiar?

There HAD to be something she could do that would capitalize on her experience and passion for helping small companies grow their business, cut her hours back to something less insane and earn the kind of income she wanted — and deserved.

There was.
After 3 months of hard labor — 
a product is born.
Her husband encouraged her to launch an online course based on her background in social media and creating online business-building strategies. Kim dove it. She had a great background in social media, but now she started devouring everything should find about online marketing — both to educate future clients and to market her own products.
In 2015 after 3 months of agonizing over content and presentation details, Kim was ready to go live with her first digital course, Zilch to Social. Initially her e-commerce tools of choice were SamCart and Active Campaign — which at the time weren't working together as smoothly as she wanted. (that's all better now) :-)

So she switched over to Ontraport.
Uh oh...
BIG bump in the road. She spent a lot of money on it. Hired a bunch of consultants to help her figure the platform out — which she really never did. Worst of all, she wasn't generating much revenue — just about $2,000 a month. Not nearly enough to scale back her consulting business and crazy hours.  

As she said, “Not hating on anyone...” But was pretty discouraging.
Lessons from a reluctant upseller.
About that time, she came back to SamCart and started listening to Brian's 5 Minute Marketing podcasts. One topic in particular, caught her attention. 1-Click Upsells. And no wonder. The promise that upsells could double — or triple — sales and income without having to increase traffic seemed like a miracle. The fact that you could do upsells even if you only had one product — like she had — make the impossible seem possible. All that combined with the promise that creating and executing 1-Click Upsells with SamCart wasn't going to take a ton of time or cost her a cent ALMOST made her jump in and do it.

I say, “almost” because the other thing you need to know about Kim is that she is a sweetheart. Open. Generous. Kind. Polite. Just the nicest person you'd ever want to meet. At first she felt like asking someone to buy something more expensive right after they had purchased an item was....ummm kind of pushy. Too aggressive. Maybe, even rude. 

But, as she said, “Brian was SOOOOO compelling. He talked about presenting upsells in a way that felt natural. Like by giving someone the chance to purchase some other great product from you was actually doing them a favor.”

So she decided to give 1-Click Upsells a try. But before she could, there was one more obstacle to overcome. She only had one product and really needed another to offer as an upsell. (Offering a deal on more of the first product or a warranty really wouldn't work with the course she was selling.)

With the help of SamCart training, Kim put together a Zero to Branding course as a presell and got the first 40 beta product sold and then upsold to a more expensive product. She got great results.

That first month she saw her monthly online product revenue increase by 44% just by introducing an upsell and she knew she was onto something. She absolutely LOVED it. A lot of testing and experimentation later, she went on to use order bumps and things just took off.

Membership has its 6-figure benefits.
In September of 2016, two months after introducing her first upsell, Kim launched what has now become her flagship membership program, The Business Lounge with SamCart. And it instantly doubled her income. By offering a single introductory program from her membership as stand alone, low-cost offer and upselling her customers to The Business Lounge, Kim has been able to grow her recurring revenue month after month. 

Now she was firing on all cylinders. Thanks to her brand-spanking-new 6-figure income, Kim was able to pare her roster down to just 2 clients and reclaim a huge chunk of her life. Completely emboldened by her success she started doing downsells and even got into split testing funnels as well as the colors and buttons on her checkout page. What she learned jacked up her checkout page conversions by 10% on a template she's still using today.

But wait, there's more...
In addition to totally exploiting the profit-boosting power of 1-Click Upsells, Order Bumps, Downsells and Split Testing, she fell in love with SamCart's “Subscription Saver” feature that chases down and recaptures credit cards that have expired.  

According to Kim, “Subscription Saver was crucial to the sucesss of the membership side of her business. It drastically reduces the amount of work I have to do and so far it has helped us automatically recover about $1,500 in revenue we would have otherwise lost.”

And then there's the SamCart dashboard. Kim LOVES hers.

“When I had Ontraport, it took so much work to correlate reports. I didn't know how many sales I had or how much money I was making,” she said, “the dashboard alone is one of my favorite features.”
It's all good. And getting better every day.
Before SamCart, Kim's business was stagnant. After SamCart? Checkout page optimization boosted conversions from 15% to between 30% and 40%. She got the confidence to create a new product and set up her first upsell. Easy access to data on her dashboard helped her figure out strategy. The upshot? In less than, SamCart helped Kim doubled her income and created a rewarding online business that has her loving life every day.
“SamCart is the lifeblood of my business.” — Kimberley Ann Jimenez
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